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JBHS Arts In Action Night - May 7 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Summer Art Camp Scheduled

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Welcome to MCFA!

As you are well aware, we live in a very special community.  The majestic mountains and valleys, the vibrant and friendly people, and the peaceful but lively streets of Mercersburg all inspire us to do great things for our town.  The building blocks that make our community successful and unique include our growing businesses, first-rate, safe schools, and healthy, happy people.  The Arts are another important ingredient in community development.

We believe the Arts act as a vehicle through which a strong and vibrant community are expressed and manifested.  The Arts are embedded in education, environmental responsibility, tourism, and civic development, to name a few.  Moreover, the Arts offer a respite from the tedium of everyday life, fostering a sense of hope and wellbeing in people, young and old.

What is an Arts Council?

An arts council is an organization whose primary purpose is to encourage and advance the arts, by increasing access to the arts through services, programs, and/or funding.

An arts council should provide a “big picture vision” for the arts in a community. This includes understanding and responding to the community’s needs, building a strong support network for artisans and serving as “visionaries” for the community.


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